Hi, I'm Giovana, a 18 years old Brazilian gamer girl obsessed with butts! You can call me Gi for shorts~

This blog stands somewhere between a fitblr and a healthblr I guess haha ★ My role models are fictional characters oops

Originally started on January 27th, 2013

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Healthy breakfast : whole grain bread with peanut butter, slices of apple, pear, tangerine and boiled egg with cup of coffee with marshmallow heart.
How are you feeling after holidays?:)


the only time i run is when i have to save my laptop from dying 

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After 50 minutes the treadmill said I lost around 350kcal but my fit meter says I lost 187 idk who to believe
Types of health fanatics


1. The yoga enthusiasts 


2. The leaf-eating vegetarian


3. The Crossfit-addicted woman who consumes nothing but protein shakes


4. The non-stop runner


5. The beginner 


6. The girl who is sick of her diet


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Went a little overboard with the toppings this morning 😁 Breakfast was banana buckwheat pancakes with 3-ingredient chocolate sauce. 👉Recipe will be up on my blog soon. Toppings included: buckwheat puffs,goji berries, coconut shreds, maple buckwheat clusters and bananas 💛#mymeals
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